Our big 7 for being successful on Instagram

September 26, 2022 0 By Teacher

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10 Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2022 [Infographic]

Instagram has grown immensely over the years, and it continues to broaden its horizons. The photo-sharing app has gone a long way from once being a favorite for vacationers sharing their holiday pictures to now appealing to all kinds of influencers, advertisers, and brands.

At this point, it’s safe to say that your audience is using Instagram, and your competitors too. But keeping on top of Instagram trends (oh and did we mention algorithm changes too?) becomes a little complicated at times. Your target customers might be scrolling away on their feeds right now, the question for marketers is how and why they should be present on Instagram.

If your brand isn’t already getting in front of users, these marketing statistics will convince you why it should be and give you an idea of what you should be doing so that you can make money on Instagram.

Instagram Profile

A common mistake companies make is sharing the solutions they offer in their bio and posts. This comes across as messy and salesy, and most users won’t take the time to read it. By keeping the bio short and interesting, users will be four times more likely to read it and get a better understanding of what a company offers.

Within an Instagram bio there is the option to include a link to a landing page. So, make sure that the link is up to date and reviewed regularly. These landing pages could be to the website, a product page, an event or anything else the company wants to push.

Finally, with Instagram Advertising, companies have the option to convert their profile into a business account. By doing this, Instagram puts the companies phone number in the bio and provides more in-depth analytical data into content performance including reach and engagement. Short, creative bios with relevant analytical data have been proven to be the most successful bios.

Have a Call to Action

Here’s a question every company should ask themselves about its Instagram strategy–what drives users to follow and engage with your brand? Like we mentioned before, having gorgeous photos certainly helps attract users. However, how will your audience know what the next step is if you don’t have an appropriate call to action?

Instagram captions are essential for a successful account. They give your audience everything from context for your products and services to essential calls to action to drive conversion forward. For example, Bucketfeet, a shoe manufacturer, uses Instagram captions to highlight collaborations and new or limited designs.

This caption does a great job of highlighting the design’s limited edition run to nudge users to purchase now. Captions also provide great opportunities to use your newly developed branded hashtags and spread awareness.

Don’t Forget Your Link

Instagram is unique because it allows only one link located in the user bio. It’s a common practice for your captions to lead viewers to the link in your Instagram bio. That’s why your link should be as relevant and fresh as possible.

It’s a very common best practice to link to a custom Instagram landing page, which typically features a lot of easy-to-find links to recent content, products or services mentioned in your feed. You can use an Instagram-specific page builder or create and update your own–either way, you’ll ensure users have access to a plethora of highly relevant content that lines up with what they’ve seen in your recent posts and moves them into your marketing funnel effectively.

evernote screenshot

Evernote does this to promote its latest collaborations and speaking events. In this example, the company posted a link that directed users to the SXSW speaking sessions, but also had a direct button to get Evernote as well.