JTSA Condemns Brutal Attack on School Children and Teachers in Peshawar

The systematic and brutal massacre of school children and teachers in a school in Peshawar needs to be condemned in the strongest terms. No cause can justify this. And under no circumstances can either a state or non state actor possibly justify such concerted brutality.

Surinder Koli’s Hanging will Imply a Judicial Acceptance of Torture Confessions

We are astounded to learn that the Supreme Court has rejected the review petition of Surinder Koli today, finding no error that could have persuaded them to review the earlier order of the court. In fact, the case was riddled with errors.

Lest We Forget: The Batla House Case, Six Years On

19th September marks the sixth anniversary of the Batla House ‘encounter’. Six years ago, on this day, the Special Cell of Delhi Police claimed to have hit upon the perpetrators of the serial blasts that had struck the capital city the previous week. The so-called encounter resulted in the death of Inspector Sharma, a veteran of dozens of encounters and two young men, Atif Ameen and Sajid.

Make the Magisterial Enquiry Report in the 2006 Sonia Vihar Encounter Killings Public — Citizens Urge the LG.

Rule of Law requires that policemen who engage in killing prove that they fired in self defence; that the force they used was necessary and proportional to the threat they faced. This can only be proved in a court of law or in a free and fair enquiry. What we have instead is repeated allusion to the antecedents of those killed, as if that is enough to settle the question of whether the encounter was genuine or fake

Resist State-dictated Silence, JTSA Pledges Solidarity with Dr. Mridu Rai

On 9 July, 2014 the well-known historian Dr. Mridu Rai was scheduled to deliver the Annual Pandit Rughonath Vaishnavi Lecture at a hotel in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. She was invited by a noted Valley-based human rights group, Coalition of Civil Society (CCS),to deliver a talk on the theme: “Languages of Violence, Languages of Justice: The State and Insurgent Kashmir”.

An Architect of Conscience: Mukul Sinha (1951-2014)

Mukul Sinha’s death remained largely beyond the limelight amid the din over Narendra Modi’s anointment as the next Prime Minister. His steadfastly resolve and meticulous eye for detail, strengths he demonstrated while dealing with hostile administration in several cases, will remain a guiding light for many activists.