5 reasons why Bernie Sanders is the most-liked politician in the United States nowadays

December 2, 2018 0 By Teacher

Over the past few years, Bernie Sanders has become a widely talked-about personality across the US and the world. He was born in 1941, New York, graduated from the University of Chicago, where he was a member of the civil rights movement and the Young Socialist League. In 1981, he moved to Vermont and got the position as mayor of Burlington. He became a senator in 2005, well-known for having strong virtues and an anti-Wall Street stance – which sparked the attention of many potential supporters, including famous personalities such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Denny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo, and even Steve Wozniack, one of Apple’s founders.

After the elections were over, polls over the most and least popular politicians in the US have shown Sanders at the top; while Trump slides to the bottom. Still, many are left wondering what makes Bernie Sanders one of the most-liked politicians in the United States nowadays.

Consistency, authenticity and credibility

One thing that many voters care about, even if somewhat unconsciously, is the credibility of a candidate. And as two of the main pillars that lay the foundations for credibility are consistency and authenticity – two elements that Bernie Sanders just so happen to embody.

Ever since he started his career as a politician, Sanders has held the same views, stood for the same beliefs, and even said the same things over and over again. This consistent approach shows that he actually believes in what he is promoting and that he probably knows what he is talking about, after all, he has been engaged in politics since university. As an example, videos of Sanders’ s speech over the past few decades went viral during 2016 elections and people were intrigued by his consistency.

Alternatively, Sander’s authentic discourse is a consequence of his understanding of what he believes in and where he stands. He is not trying to imitate or counter-attack anyone. He sticks to his ideas regardless of whatever or whoever may oppose to them and voters are often drawn to such confidence.

A new face

There is no doubt that Bernie Sanders is different than most candidates (at least those considered on the polls). Regardless of the fact that, in the US, the word “socialist” is inherently associated as something negative and perhaps even “scary”, Sander’s openly declares himself as one. This, together with his simplicity and austerity, appeals to people who are either uncomfortable or tired of candidates that are just “too much”.

In some ways, Sanders could be compared to Uruguay’s Pepe Mujica, and for many people, he represents a new face to US politics – someone who challenges the traditional outlook of politics. On top of that, he presents a timely and straightforward discourse, bringing the focus away from Wall Street and back into the reality of everyday workers.

Progressive thinking

Much like Sanders himself represents a “new face”, so does his agenda. He advocates for gay rights, embraces gender and race equality, discusses minimum wage reforms, frowns upon Wall Street, supports the legalization of marijuana, refrains from accepting money from corporations to fund his campaign, among other points. In other words, he challenges the now by thinking of the future, which is why he is known as a progressive populist.

Policies for the future

A lot of Sander’s policies are, either directly or indirectly aimed at the youth. He talks about the right to free college and an increase in the minimum wage – policies that could potentially brighten up the future everyone from 16 through to 30 years old. Hence, Sander’s future-driven policies speak to the future of the country and since the younger generation grows to be more politicized it is only natural that they pay attention to a candidate who understands their needs and potential.

Concern for the climate

Nowadays, climate and climate change alike is a major topic of discussing in every country’s government and a concern for the matter can play an important role on popularity. While the Trump administration doesn’t seem to care too much for the environment or regulations over natural resources exploration, Sanders gives it a priority – which consequently catches the attention of those who care about the planet.